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Artists at Charles Collins Gallery

Jenna Bass - Painter

About the Artist Jenna Bass

Jenna Bass is a self-taught artist, specializing in acrylic and watercolor mediums. Her artwork is inspired by her family‘s culture from Taos Pueblo, people of the Taos community, and Northern New Mexico landscapes.

Jenna has been traveling up to Taos Pueblo with her family, since childhood, for traditional activities at the village. Jenna grew up in an environment where her creative mind could grow and flourish, as her father was a well-known sculptor, in galleries and traveling to art shows. Through her father, Jenna’s introduction to the art world, sparked her life long passion to create.

Her spiritual journey led her to move from Rio Rancho to Taos 3 1/2 years ago, in which she fell in love with the Taos community, the landscapes, and unique atmosphere.

Jenna heard a local say “You go to New York to get rich, you go to LA to get famous, and you go to Taos to be yourself.” She couldn’t have found that to be more true. “ Everyone is so unapologetically themselves,” Jenna says, “ and in the process of meeting all these beautiful authentic people, I have in turn, met my true self.”

Jenna metaphorically views life as a blank canvas waiting to be painted on, and treats her life as such. Experiencing life’s beauty keeps her mind occupied on inspirations for upcoming works of art.

Since moving to Taos, Jenna has placed her artwork originals at the Charles Collins Gallery. She has also recently expanded with prints and prints on canvas, in the Hotel La Fonda de Taos lobby, Casa Benavides Inn, and the UNM Harwood Museum of Art gift shop


Quiet Winter


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