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Surrealistic Paintings and Sculptures by Charles Collins


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Foreword: Describing the impact of Charles Collins’ artwork is no easy feat for anyone. Yet, I have been tasked with exactly that and I fear I will not do the artist, my friend, justice. But because Charles does not shy away from attempting to communicate complicated things with simplicity and beauty, I will not shy away from an attempt to introduce you to his works.

Charles draws on so many influences, such as the work of the masters and surrealists. He incorporates the profound concepts of spirituality, science, history, love, time and space, and his connection to the Southwest. Because of this, his work is transcendent and a viewer can easily have a new experience each time they visit the art.

In his paintings, Charles utilizes techniques of layering to create depth, color, and light that is unique to his work, though reminiscent of masterwork through the ages. Many of the figures that Charles paints are not only created out of layers of paint, but also represent layers of concept. Looking closely at any of Charles’ paintings, one will find a multitude of ideas and figures hidden there.

As a sculptor, Charles uses the traditional bronze cast format to create extremely complex works. ...

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